Asda Voucher Codes available at

30 June 2014Blog


AndyMurrayAsdaIts been a great month here at we now have Asda on board so we will be offering you the latest and best Asda Voucher Codes and Special Offers.

For the foreseeable future Asda are offering free delivery on orders over £99 and a free Click and Collect service, where you can do your shopping on Asda and arrange to collect it at a time convenient for you, so you dont have to do the actual shop, someone picks and packs your groceries for you.

With Wimbledon well underway you can grab some great food and drink to get the garden parties started, why not stock up on selected Champagnes that have some great Rollback offers on them at the moment, get ready to pop the cork for Andy Murrays England win 2nd year in a row (fingers crossed).

Asda guarantee they will be at least 10% cheaper on your comparable shop than at other supermarkets otherwise they will give you the difference back which we think is fantastic.

Keep checking back to us regularly for updates to Asda Voucher Codes as we will be adding them first before anyone else.


Bite Card Review and Information – Save 20% off at Train Stations

16 April 2013Blog


BiteCard ReviewBite Card is a fantastic way to save money at hundreds of the UK’s train stations. How many times have you grabbed a coffee or some food at a train station while traveling? With a Bite Card you can save 20% at a number of popular food outlets including Burger King and Upper Crust.

Applying for a Bite Card is completely free and only takes a few minutes to fill out the required registration form. You can aslo pick up a Bite Card from certain retailers at Euston train station. Once you have your card simply activate only and you will be ready to start saving.

Bite Cards do not have an expire date which means you can keep using your card again and again. These handy savings are a must for both regular and occasional train travellers. Brands offering a 20% discount include but are not limited to: Burger King, Caffe Ritazza, Camden Food Co, Millies Cookies, Pumpkin, The Pasty Shop and Upper Crust.

If you find yourself at one of many pubs within the UK’s largest train station there is a good chance you can use your Bite Card there. Often outlets which accept Bite Card will shop the Bite Card sticker near the entrance. Keep an eye out for the Bite Card logo when you are next waiting for the train.


Tesco Christmas Clubcard Voucher Exchange – Double Points

2 November 2012Blog


Tesco clubcard exchange xmasTesco has launched this year’s Christmas Clubcard Exchange. Just like previous exchanges Tesco are doubling the value of your Tesco clubcard vouchers. A fantastic way to make your pounds go further in the run-up to Christmas.

Turn a £5 Tesco Clubcard Voucher into a £10 voucher with the Christmas clubcard exchange.

Once you exchange your vouchers you can spend them at one of 12 Tesco departments, this is more departments than ever before! You can choose to spend your vouchers in-store or online. To beat the queues you can easily exchange your vouchers by simply visiting and following the instructions.

Here are the 12 departments you can spend your exchanged vouchers.

  • Toys & Bikes
  • Clothing
  • Domestic Appliances & Personal Electrical
  • Furniture, Home, Cook & Dine
  • Finest* Wine & Finest* Champagne
  • Flowers & Plants
  • Christmas Decorations, Trees & Lights
  • Skincare, Cosmetics & Fragrances
  • Phones & Accessories
  • Books
  • Frozen Food
  • Opticians
There are hundreds of goods, products and services to spend your vouchers on.

Make sure you exchange your vouchers by 5th December and double their value.

For more information watch the video below and learn more about the 2012 Chirstmas Clubcard Exchange.




Which? aims to eradicate confusing supermarket prices

13 September 2012Blog


We all try to make a concerted effort to save money at the supermarket but sometimes it can be tricky when we are faced with confusing prices. Do you buy the pre-packaged vegetables or the loose items which are priced by weight? Sometimes these prices make it difficult for the shopper to make an easy comparison.

Which, the consumer watchdog, believes that in many cases these unit prices are simply not clear enough and we agree. A change is needed and Which suggests that supermarkets should decide to price all products based on either weight or volume.

If all products included a price per weight label it would certainly help me better choose the cheaper items. This is especially important at a time when food prices continue to rise and our household budgets are being squeezed.

If you would like to see this Which campaign become reality then make sure you sign their online petition. It takes seconds and will hopefully one day help all consumer make more informed shopping decisions.

Which unit pricing

Sign the clear pricing petition at the Which website.


The Mediterranean diet offers more than a slimmer waistline

16 August 2012Blog


mediterranean dishes olive oilIt is no secret that the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets on the planet. Not only do people live longer in the Mediterranean but they also get to enjoy delicious food without resorting to unhealthy shakes or calorie restricted diets. So how do they do it?

Firstly it is time to cut out the stodge! The Mediterranean diet relies on plant foods and healthy fats rather than saturated fats and harmful trans fats often found in pre-prepared foods.

To get the most from a Mediterranean diet, small lifestyle changes are required. This means eating fresh and using healthy ingredients. Thankfully the fantastic thing about this diet is meals can be embarrassingly simple to cook while still leaving you full after every meal.

Here is our top tip to slimming down the Mediterranean way..

Choose a Mediterranean diet plan and stick to it!

The secret to slimming successfully is to remove the barriers which stop you from loosing weight. For many people the one thing stoping them from leading a healthier lifestyle is time.

Many of us have hectic schedules and are constantly looking for quick fixes when it comes to mealtimes, unfortunately these quick fixes are rarely healthy.

The solution is to find meal recipes and plans which are not only easy to make but also stick to the Mediterranean principles of vegetables and fresh ingredients.

Thankfully our supermarkets can help. Did you know Tesco supermarket have specially designed meals for a Mediterranean diet? I didn’t until I was pointed to this website which is from Tesco and offers ready made meal plans specifically designed for mediterranean diets.

The Tesco dieting service removes the biggest hurdle to dieting by delivering the right ingredients to your door along with all the instructions and mediterranean diet plans you need to enjoy your figure and food again.

Ultimately like any diet it is up to you to get the results you want, however we think this diet offers a sensible balance which can give healthy results. Plus you get to enjoy delicious food.

We would love to hear what your favourite foods are from the mediterranean!


A look at the UK’s first virtual grocery store

14 August 2012Blog


The vegetable isle will never be the same again as Tesco launch their first UK virtual grocery store at Gatwick Airport. Following the success of Tesco’s virtual stores in South Korea, UK shoppers can now loose the trolley and order their groceries with a swipe of a screen.

The virtual store is made up of 4 interactive touch screens which allow shoppers to browse their way through a catalog of 80 “everyday” food products. Users can order groceries by scanning the on-screen bar codes with their smartphone and the Tesco grocery application.

Tesco has chosen Gatwick Airport so travelers can schedule a grocery delivery for their return home, avoiding an empty fridge after a long trip.


Tesco Grocery launch Delivery Saver

31 July 2012Blog


Tesco is the first UK supermarket to launch a delivery saver plan for online grocery shoppers. Save money on your deliveries by buying a 3 month or 6 month pre-paid plan which entitle you to unlimited deliveries.

Simply make an up-front payment and then watch your grocery delivery charges disappear!

Shop as often as you like with up to one delivery per day.
Choose the delivery slots that suit you regardless of costs.

  • 3 Month Groceries Plan at £36
  • 6 Month Groceries Plan at £60

Visit for more information.

These two fantastic plans are perfect for any Tesco shopper who orders their groceries online more than once a month. Delivery charges can cost up to £6 depending on location and time by making a one off payment you can now enjoy unlimited deliveries.

You can cancel your membership at any time, you will receive a full refund if you cancel within the first 7 days and have not used any delivery saver deliveries.