A cheaper and healthy lunch box for grown-ups!

28 April 2012Blog

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Most of us know that packing a healthy Lunch Box for the kids is a challenge in itself what with little ‘picky eaters’ and ‘don’t eat green stuff’ kids.

Well, we’re adults so that shouldn’t be a problem because we know what’s good and healthy for us! So instead of nipping out for a quick and often expensive sandwich or drink why not get used to making your own tasty lunch box… do as many days a week as you can manage and you will be surprised at just how much change will be left in your pocket at the end of the week.
The whole secret is to be prepared – the better prepared your are the smoother and quicker your Lunch Box can be made.

  • Prepare and chop food ahead of time – never right before you head out the door or sit down to eat. Have cleaned fresh veggies and fruits at the ready.
  • Buy for the week so you don’t have to go back to the shop… save time
  • Don’t forget mini healthy snacks to prevent energy lows… nuts, olives
  • Good old fashioned water and even milk (if you don’t have a dairy intolerance)
  • If you’re not too tired make your lunch the night before and pop it in a air-tight container (don’t add dressing at this stage… you don’t want a soggy salad)

Why not order online, this way you can really take your time and choose carefully. Pay careful attention to prices, only get items your know you will use, look for different colours, textures and flavours to keep it interesting an healthy. And remember unprocessed foods are best for our physical and mental health!

Most supermarkets deliver right to your door and at the moment there’s great money off offers for first timers and some supermarkets are offering Free Delivery. Here are a few exceptional offers to help you fill that healthy lunch box these are just some of our favourites there are lots lots more…..

Ocado : strawberries 400g £1.85, bananas Fair Trade 2 for £2.50, Pot of Herbs any 3 for £3,
Weight Watchers crisps and snacks 2 for £2.50, reduced fat caesar dressing £1, organic apple rice cakes 2 for £2, Frozen Main Prawns £3.99 was £5.99

Tesco: mangos 75p each, satsumas(bag) £1, beetroot salad 85p, red onions(3) £1.00
peppers (bag) 600g £1, cherry tomatoes on vine £1.35, avocados (4 pack) £1.25, sweet potatoes £1.25kg, wild rocket (bag) 85p
Philadelphia light any 2 for £2, Ryvita crisp bread £1.25, Reduced fat Mayo 2 for £2.50

Sainsburys: Gala apples (bag) £1.50, carrots batons 400g £1.00, Pineapple £1.00
Mission deli wraps 2pkts for £2.50, Allis Greek feta cheese 2 for £3, Bernard Matthew premium turkey beast 2pkts for £3.00

Asda: fresh asparagus tips 2 for £3, organic white cabbage £1.00, carrots (bag) 73p
Good for You cottage cheese .92

Waitrose: bag of mixed salad 60p (save ⅓ ), natural cottage cheese 95p buy 2 save 50p, gluten free English muffins (pkt of 3) £2.19

The goal each day is to have a healthy Lunch Box you’ll enjoy… using a combination of lean protein, healthy fats, whole food carbs. and lots and lots fruit and veg. You don’t have to go hungry or starve yourself you can make up lots of healthy options for your Lunch Box and avoid reaching for so called ‘comfort foods’ you will find that cravings for higher calorie foods will decrease.

Good Luck and hopefully the Healthy Lunch Box will become a permanent part of your day.

Here is some simple recipes you can make yourself which taste great and are much cheaper if you make them at home.

Healthy Coleslaw (BBC Good food website)

Roast Chicken Salad with Eggs (Woman and Home website)

Greek Salad (Rachels Organic Website)

Chicken Salad Wrap and Courgette and Seed Muffins (Channel 4 – 4food website)

Healthy Potato Salad (Slimming World website)


One Response to “A cheaper and healthy lunch box for grown-ups!”


One Response to "A cheaper and healthy lunch box for grown-ups!"