Are TV Chefs fuelling Food Waste

19 October 2011Blog


So many of us love the Cooking Shows on telly and some of us even go and buy ‘The Book’!!  We are bombarded and brainwashed by these programmes, the pressure is on for us aspiring cooks to produce something to impress. 

However these wonderful creations are not always straightforward requiring exotic and usually expensive ingredients not found in our cupboards. While us ordinary families might be inspired by our celebrity chefs and go out and buy all sort of strange and wonderful ingredients only to be used once and then left to go off and then binned. Believe it or not this is adding to to a mountain of wasted food put at 8.3 million tons a year.
Sociologist Dr. David Evans, of the University of Manchester, argues that families would be better off sticking to simple ingredients, eating their usual everyday meals. and not be so influenced by Celebrity Chefs.


Delia Smith made a stand, though was criticized by some, when she launched her book and TV series How to Cheat at Cooking – but we had to-hand most of the ingredients used for her meals.   There must be a balance between the two still giving us the opportunity to experiment with new receipts without getting carried away with unfamiliar (usually imported) ingredients.

So T.V Chefs lets get back to basics and still keep it exciting!!!!


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