For meals delivered to your door try Wiltshire Farm Foods

16 November 2011Blog


You may have seen the recent advertisment on telly for Wiltshire Farm Foods featuring Ronny Corbett, well not knowing a lot about this company I decided to find out more and here’s what they are all about…..

Wiltshire Farm Foods is the UK’s leading Meals Delivery Service.  Their readymade meals are prepared in Trowbridge Wiltshire, frozen the moment they are cooked, and delivered across the UK & Northern Ireland through a network of local outlets.
Everyone, of course, can avail of this service mums, families, professionals…. or anyone who just wants a break from cooking and would like a qualified chef cooking their meals.

Central to Wiltshire Farm Foods service is that they also provide home cooked food for people who can’t easily get out and about by delivering to them healthy and nutritious meals in the comfort of their own home.  The company offers the perfect way for you or a relative to eat well without having to worry about long trips to the supermarket, preparing food, or managing boiling pots and pans. They cater for many special diets i.e. a diabetic diet, reducing salt and fat intake, gluten free foods, they ensures you have suitable tasty and satisfying meals.

Wiltshire Farm Foods have a team of drivers who deliver to UK customers on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  No one wants a stranger arriving at our door, which is why their drivers go through an extensive training program, as well as a police security check, to make sure it is someone you can trust and rely on. Not to forget they offer FREE home delivery nationwide! 

Ordering is easy, either over the phone (request a brochure) or Online where you can explore the Wiltshire Farm Foods Range, filled with over 300 hundred delicious ready meals, hot and cold desserts also there is a selection of Menu Packs.  Did I mention that ‘all of the ready meals are created in the heart of Wiltshire, using carefully sourced ingredients of the highest possible quality for you to enjoy’

Wiltshire Farm Foods are definitely worth checking out….


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