Get £40 worth of Thorntons chocolate for only £15

20 January 2011Blog


Thorntons bundle

Yes you did read that correctly! It looks like Thornotons are trying to ruin our New Year diet plans with a huge chocolate bundle for only £15. This delicious chocolate feast normally costs £40 but you can take advantage of this deal and save yourself a tasty £25.

Just imagine this huge chocolate hamper turning up at your doorstep. Over 2 Kilos of chocolate goodies for you to investigate and take the time trying each one. January is such a gloomy month, its cold outside and the mornings are dark, what better way to treat yourself than a big chocolate surprise.

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So what’s included in this choco-tastic deal?

Do you really want to know? Be warned if you read this your mouth will start to water and your taste buds will scream out for a chocolate hit.

A typical bundle may include a variation on the following: 456g Chocolate Selection (RSP £10), 322g Mint Collection (RSP £10), 225g Milk Chocolate Collection (RSP £5.00), 625g Original Special Toffee (RSP £4.99), 375g Winter Continental Collection (RSP £10.99), 625g Assorted Special Toffee (RSP £4.99), 203 g Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts (RSP £4.99), and 500g Giant Choc Block (RSP £7.99).

Each bundle will be delivered in a plain outer box and the contents will depend on product availability at the time of ordering. Please note, individual dietary details are displayed on each product and selections may contain some products with alcohol.

Why is all this chocolate only £15

As you can imagine Thorntons make and sell so much gorgeous chocolate at christmas that sometimes they have some left over. On these rare occasions Thorntons are prepared to sell you lots of chocolate at a fraction of the cost. These are end of season sale items which does mean they have a best before date of February 2011, but we will be very surprised if you do not finish them before that.

But don’t hang around this deal has to end soon!


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