Grocery Brands Are Getting SMALLER

2 October 2011Blog


Have you noticed how some grocery brands are shrinking in size?

Supermarket shoppers are getting less for their money as big Brands reduce the size of their products…. consumer watchdogs warn!

The downsized grocery product still cost the same at the checkout – a tactic that has reached serious proportions.   Everyday products are subjected to the ‘grocery shrinkage’ which sees shoppers paying the same amount for an item yet receiving less.  For example one of the latest product to shrink is Fairy washing-up liquid going from 450ml to 433ml but with no drop in price!

Manufactures are putting it down to their response to increases in energy, transport and ingredients cost but this will not go down well with householders whose cost of living continues to soar while their disposable income fails to keep up.

Which Magazine say “this is an underhand way of raising prices.  If the price doesn’t change and the packaging looks identical, consumers are going to believe they’re buying the same thing”

Apart from household items…  have you noticed that a Mars bar was 62.5g and it is now 58g that’s 7.2% less in size!!! same with Snickers and a tin of Cadbury Roses was 975g is now 850g a drop of 12.8%….. its all a bit sneaky really!!!!!


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