Lets Pop the Cork and Celebrate!

26 May 2012Blog


We British love our champagne and sparkling wines, yes we love the bubbles! Would you believe we drink more than champagne than any other country in the world even more than the French themselves. Champagnes are traditionally used to mark special occasions, so what a summer this is going to be, there will be corks popping at every street corner because this is our summer of celebrations!

First off you don’t need to spend a fortune on ‘real’ champagne because most of the sparkling wines today are of a very high quality for example the Spanish Cava is a great quality product. We have had a look around the local supermarkets for the best value in champagne and sparklings and there are lots of great deals to be had impress your friends with a nice bottle of Champagne, you can pick up a bottle of Moet&Chandon for as little as £13.11

Here’s a taste of whats out there!!!
Francois Dubois Champagne Brut £12.79 (half price) from Tesco.com
Freisenet Excelencia Vintage Cava £6.99 (half price) from Ocado
Lanson Black Label £8.24 (25% off) from Sainsburys
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut £13.11 (25% off) from Sainsburys
Prosecco San Leo £6.66 (33% off) or 12 bottles for £75.84 from Waitrose

If you really want to push the boat out, from one of the great champagne houses, Taittinger Prestige Rose now £39.99 Ocado

You can save even more money if you order by the case usually six bottles. Perhaps you could share the order with a neighbour or friend for that street party or summer barbecue!

Tesco has a great offer on their Diamond Jubilee Brut Reserva Cava £39.99 (save 59%) described as ‘fresh, light, delicate and utterly delicious’

Some of the above supermarkets are offering Free Delivery or Money Off your first shop when you order online, wine is bulky and heavy so why not have it delivered safely to you kitchen table! Shop smart check out where you can make the most savings, taking note of offer-end date and, of course, read terms and conditions.

So whatever your taste or budget, join in the fun and celebrations this summer “pop the cork and break out the bubbly”


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