Sainsbury’s Help Us Celebrate the Chinese New Year at Home

17 January 2012Blog


The Chinese New Year is on 23rd January and this year it is the Year of the Dragon…. the dragon is said to deliver good fortune which would be much appreciated.

We all love chinese food so why not celebrate the Chinese New Year and serve up your favourite oriental dishes at home for family or friends.  For some of us this can be a bit daunting but Sainsbury’s and Blue Dragon together will show you ‘How to have a Restaurant Experience at home’ its easy and very tasty. Go to click on ‘Ideas’ then Chinese New Year and click on Stir Fry Tips (which is underlined).

To celebrate the New Year, Blue Dragon has teamed up with head chef and founder of the School of Wok, Jeremy Pang, to help get Britain cooking delicious oriental cuisines at home.   Stir fries are great, quick and easy and here Jeremy gives his Top Stir Tips such as his secret to the perfect stir fry is to make sure the oil is piping hot before you put the ingredients in the pan or wok….  because it is a fast cooking process make sure all of your cutting and chopping is done beforehand and is close to hand….. also if stir frying shellfish like prawns or shrimps make sure they go into the wok last so they don’t become chewy and over-cooked.  There are lots more good tips to show you how to add those extra little details and there is also advice on using chopsticks and napkin folding.

But the best part in serving up this great chinese meal is that you can save money as Sainbury’s have on offer a selection of Blue Dragon Sauces for £1.00 per unit…. Chinese Curry Sauce, Chow Mein Sauce, Peking Sticky Sauce and Sweet and Sour Sauce all of these and lots more for just £1.00.

These offers are valid for delivery before 24th Jan 2012.

Lastly Blue Dragon are offering the chance for you to win one of 25 ‘Jeremy Pang Culinary Experiences’ see details Online at Sainsbury’

So Happy Chinese New Year on the 23rd and wishing you all good fortune for 2012


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