Should I Grocery Shop Online?

5 December 2011Blog


Grocery shopping can be tedious but as with almost everything else the web offers solutions to help alleviate that. Online Grocery Shopping seems to be getting bigger, far more specialized and Britain is considered to be the best and most sophisticated with Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Waitrose and now also Ocado (online only) leading the way.

Two thirds of shoppers think that online shopping helps them to maintain control of what they put in their basket.  You can also save money on fuel by cutting out the drive to the supermarket this is likely to become more prevalent as fuel prices reach all time highs and more and more consumers see rising costs of fuel as a major concern.

Who buys groceries online… well anyone with a busy lifestyle or who just don’t enjoy grocery shopping,  the elderly or disabled who find getting out and about difficult, and college students who would appreciate a welcome tuck box from mum or dad!!!

By eliminating the travel and the time spent physically filling up your trolley you’ll free up more of your day to do the things you want to do. When you order online there are no queues no going back to previously visited aisles to get something you forgot and no standing behind someone who’s having trouble processing their credit card.

New customers almost always receive their first deliveries free and you can find lots of voucher codes for money off your shopping.  The in-store offers are also available to you online and there are ‘Online Exclusive’ which are not available in-store.  Shopping online will drastically reduce your impulse buying as you can stick regidly to your list keeping to a budget and this can also help the… waistline!!   Because you’re having the groceries delivered instead of lugging all those heavy bags home you can stock up on store cupboard essentials and take advantage of buy1 get 1free.

Sometimes its hard to really compare prices when in a supermarket because there’s so much going or you just don’t have the time or engery whereas online you can see clearly and easily what’s on special and all the other deals available on a particular day.  You can keep tabs on what you are buying and if you put something in your check-out basket and then notice your bill has gone over budget you can look at everything in your basket and the prices and make better decisions about what to keep and discard…. and you don’t have to put things back or hide them on a nearby shelf!!!  You can see at a glance exactly what you’re buying and the cost…  no surprises at checkout!!

This time of year is the perfect time to shop Online for groceries and avoid the stress of the big Christmas food shop as you’ll need lots of extras not to mention…. the booze, and have it all delivered to your door at an arranged time that suits you…. sometimes it makes a lot of sense!!!!


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