Slimming down on a budget, just in time for Christmas!

2 November 2011Blog


It’s count down to Christmas and of course we all want to look and feel good for the party season……well not to worry you’ve got lots of time to make a difference.  However, most of us need a helping hand so today we’re taking a look at Slimming Clubs Online who gives the best value for money what deals are around at the moment but most importantly is it possible to slim down on a budget?

The three main players are Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Rosemary Conley, they all claim success, however,  it comes at a price that not everyone can afford so firstly lets take a look at what else is out there,  more affordable options.

Our Supermarkets are cleverly starting to get into this very competitive market offering a cheaper online option!  Sainsburys and Tesco have started the ball rolling with their Online Diet Clubs and here’s what they’re doing.

Sainsbury’s Diets Online

A Personalised Meal Plan ‘Lose a stone in 7 weeks’.

It also includes a Food Diary Service, Recipe Club, Diet Forum and Mobile access. You can choose from the 9 meal plans which are tailored made for you, there’s a Reduced Fat Plan, No Gluten Plan, Vegetarian Plan and High Fiber Plan among others.  There’s a Diet Forum to share the up and downs with fellow dieters and also you can find a ‘Diet Buddy’ who has similar goals.   You can also get support from the Experts.  A Recipe Club with 100’s of low calorie meals and you get your own online Recipe Book to save your favourite recipes.   As a Sainsbury’s shopper you can add to those all important Nectar Points –  earn 2 points per £1 when you join Sainsbury’s Diets.

The Cost: Join before 7th Nov and save 20% on membership!!

8 weeks membership £19.20 (normally £24) 12 weeks £24.00 (normally £30)  26 weeks £40 (normally £50)

Tesco Diets Online

A Personalised Diet Plan 16 diet plans customised to suit you, similar to Sainsburys above.  Your ‘mentor’ gives personal and private advice exclusively for you contactable by email, phone and live chat whether you have a question or want some guidance.  There’s also Tesco Diets Mobile, your meal plan and recipes are at hand when and where you need it. Diet to your door…  link directly from your Tesco Diets shopping list to your groceries account and have all your diet plan ingredients delivered direct to your door!  And don’t forget you earn Clubcard Points when you subscribe to Tesco Diets.

The Cost:  1 month membership £12.90    3 months £29.90    6 months £49.90

Woman and Home Diet Club Online

Woman and home uses the Food Diary approach for weight loss which is easy and flexible.  The combination of healthy calorie counted food and sensible portions of home cooked food. Personalised goals and targets, recipe calorie calculator and 400 members recipes.  Whats great about this club is there is a 5 day online free trial so you can see if it suits your needs.

The Cost:  30 days membership £9.99    2 months £13.99   3 months £19.99  and 6 months £34.99

Weight Watchers Online

ProPoints System is their weight loss plan which is basically a balanced diet and is designed to fit around your lifestyle.   ProPoints values, according to WW, reflect the latest science that takes into account how different foods are processed by the body i.e. using protein, carbohydrate, fat and fibre to calculate the ProPoints values in our meals is a new and they claim a more accurate way to look at food !

The Cost:  Register for £1 and pay £33.85 for the first 3 months and £10.95 for each additional month after.

Slimming World Online

Food Optimising Plan weight loss is encouraged through a low-calorie diet, although calories aren’t counted. The emphasis is on eating low-calorie, low-fat, filling foods without having to weigh out portions.

The Cost:  3 Packages each for a period of three months: Bronze £59.95 (normally 79.95)  Silver £64.95 (normally 84.95) and Gold 79.95 (normally 99.95)

Rosemary Conley Online

A Slimming Club with emphases on exercise and a choice of diet plan to suit your lifestyle.  There is an online community where you can meet other members at the ‘coffee shop’ or chat room.

The Cost:  £39.99 (1 month)    £54.99 (3 months)    £89.99 (12 months)

Do It Yourself Online and why not after all its not rocket science – healthy food and sensible portions.  Exercise of course helps even a brisk walk a few times a week will makes a difference.  You don’t need to be alone join an online forum to connect with other dieters and there’s so much Free Help, Advise and Recipes online.  Check out these: free to join)  (there’s always chats going on about diets and exercise)

Slimming Magazines even if you only buy one you’ll find advice, recipes, tips and success stories to get motivated!

Whatever you do it dosen’t have to cost a fortune so… diet wisely!


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