Taking the Stress out of Kiddies Birthday Parties

13 September 2011Blog


As most of us know kiddies ‘at home’ birthday party can be a stressful event – when these little darlings get together ‘en-masse’ it can be a terrifying experience for us mere adults and as for the Big Clean Up after well it takes days to track down the last dollop of ketchup….  Anyway I’ve been having a look around at what offers are out there for Kids Parties so everyone can sit back and enjoy the fun and games without the hazzle of having to hose down house and kids afterwards.

First up Pizza Hut with their Make Your Own Pizza Party £5.99 per child
Actually its all done for you – Invites (pick up in advance), a special table with balloons and table cloths, colouring-in games. But this is the best part, if there are eight (8) or over, they will supply a Party Host to help make your party run smoothly.
For Food they get a main meal from the Kids Menu…. their own salad bowl… unlimited drinks and numerous visits to the Ice Cream Factory.  Add a birthday cake for £6.99.
They also have a package for £6.99 per child its the same deal as above except for the main course where each child gets to make their own pizza which I suppose is all part of the fun – http://www.pizzahut.co.uk/restaurants/families/birthday-parties.aspx

McDonalds Birthday Adventure from £5.99
Kiddies can choose between a jungle or ocean adventure and each adventure comes with props and games and lasts about and hour and half.  The party will be held in a specially reserved area of the restaurant and there will be a fully trained Party Entertainer to run the party and keep the kids entertained.
And the Food – every child will get to choose their own meal from a Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Chicken Nuggets or Fish Fingers…. small fries or carret bag or fruit bag… small drink.   At the end of the party, every child will receive a party bag containing a small gift, whilst the birthday child will receive a special adventure gift.

Pizza Express Kids Parties from £9.95 per child.

The party will last for 90 minutes where the kids get to make their own pizza from speading their own sauce to choosing their toppings, the fun is in making their own.  So a pizza… a childs piccolo side salad… an ice cream for dessert… and cordial drinks are provided throughout the meal.
Parties are usually held between 3 and 5pm Monday to Friday. However, not all restaurants can offer these parties and the package may vary.

For Details and Reservations you need to contact your local Pizza Express restaurant.  http://www.pizzaexpress.com/

Rainforest Cafe £14.95 per child  (note: a service charge of 12.5% is added to the bill)
A bit pricey I know but this restaurant is in London only, 20 Shaftesbury Ave.  The whole restaurant is a funky jungle setting with thunder and lightening crashing overhead, the sounds of elephants and chimpanzees in the background a perfect atmosphere for kids… and maybe adults too!!!  Unfortunately no Party Entertainer/Host but everything else is taken care of from invitations and menu choices to organising party bags.
The package includes choice of  main course… dessert… fruit juice/cordial…. all from the Kids Munu.  And there’s a Party Bag for each child.   Free Birthday Cake for every 6 children in the party however if party is less than 6 a cake can be purchased.  Note: you can’t bring your own cake.
There is a table time limit of 2 hours and all adults need to order at least one main course each from the a la carte menu.
To Book or Discuss Tel: 020 7434 3111

Also it worth checking out kid friendly restaurants near you like The Hungry Horse who do a Kids Menu and they supply Activity Packs. They also serve baby food for under 3s.  http://www.hungryhorse.co.uk/kids/

Have Fun!!!!



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