What happens when my Tesco clubcard vouchers go out of date?

1 March 2012Blog


If your one of the UK’s loyal Tesco clubcard holders then you will be very familiar with the companies popular clubcard voucher exchange programme.

The tesco clubcard is a loyalty scheme which rewards cardholders with savings on a wide range of products such as grocery items, holidays, restaurants and even vouchers for high-street stores.

However it is imporant to remember that all Tesco clubcard vouchers have an expiry date. Tesco do generously allow a validity period of two years and the expiry date is printed on each and every voucher.

If you find that your vouchers have gone out of date there may be little you can do to claim your rewards, unfortnatly Tesco explicily say in their terms and conditions that voucher must be used with in the valid period. Vouchers which have expired will no longer be valid or accepted.

Even with these very clear terms you may find that if your voucher has recently expired and has a considerable value, Tesco may let you redeem the voucher. The best advice is to contact the clubcard helpline on 0800 591 688 alternatvly you can email Tesco.

For more information visit the www.tesco.com

Remember use your vouchers before they expire!


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