Which? aims to eradicate confusing supermarket prices

13 September 2012Blog


We all try to make a concerted effort to save money at the supermarket but sometimes it can be tricky when we are faced with confusing prices. Do you buy the pre-packaged vegetables or the loose items which are priced by weight? Sometimes these prices make it difficult for the shopper to make an easy comparison.

Which, the consumer watchdog, believes that in many cases these unit prices are simply not clear enough and we agree. A change is needed and Which suggests that supermarkets should decide to price all products based on either weight or volume.

If all products included a price per weight label it would certainly help me better choose the cheaper items. This is especially important at a time when food prices continue to rise and our household budgets are being squeezed.

If you would like to see this Which campaign become reality then make sure you sign their online petition. It takes seconds and will hopefully one day help all consumer make more informed shopping decisions.

Which unit pricing

Sign the clear pricing petition at the Which website.


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