What is Groupon? A quick guide to the Daily Deal site

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Groupon is an online website which features heavily discounted products or services that are available to purchase for a limited amount of time. In most cases offers are only available for 24 hours.
The American company is quickly gaining popularity here in the UK, where it is now visited by thousands of deal conscious shoppers. Groupon predominately features discounts for local businesses in your area such as restaurants, spas and leisure activities.

So how does it work

Groupon is a daily deal website which segments its deals by UK cities. If you live near a UK city or large town you can sign-up to receive a daily email which features offers for your local area.

Groupon can offer such large discounts because it relies on other shoppers buying the same deal. Typically between 100 – 1000 people may purchase a deal depending on its popularity. In some cases Groupon can sell 1000’s of Groupon vouchers for a single offer.

Are you ready to join the Groupon craze?

Groupon website and voucher

Groupon is great for eating out, as you may have guessed we love eating great food at great prices and Groupon has some really fantastic offers. It is also a great chance to discover a restaurant in your local area which you many not have previously known about.

The first step is to visit the Groupon website, here you will be asked which UK city your live near. You will also be asked for your email address, this is used to send you daily local offers for your area. [img voucher]

Once you have purchased a deal that you love, Groupon will email you your unique voucher. Print this out and take it to the location of your deal, remember some deals may require you to phone ahead or reserve.

If you have purchased a deal from a local business we recommend you always phone ahead. This helps the business and also reduces the chances of any problems occurring when you arrive at the venue.

Is this a scam? Other reviews suggest to be wary

You may find a number of reviews on the internet suggesting that Goupon is a scam or does not always deliver on what it promises. In our experience the majority of Groupon customers are very happy with their experience, however there will always be a number of complaints and this is unavoidable for any business growing as rapidly as Groupon.

The company has put in place a number of features which should help reassure any new customers. This includes a money back guarantee if you are ever unhappy with your purchase.

Here is our top tip for successfully using Groupon

If you are thinking of buying a Groupon voucher then we recommend you do some quick research on the company providing the service. Remember Groupon does not actually provide the service or product you are are purchasing they are simply the “middle man”. Each Groupon deal highlights details about the company providing the service or product. It is important that you take a look at the companies website (if they have one) or do a quick google search to find reviews or opinions from other customers. This should be standard practice for any Groupon user. [img]

What is the future like for Groupon

The future looks good for Groupon as it expands internationally and into new products and services such as the recently launch Groupon getaways, which feature discounted travel offers. The company is also expanding its mobile apps which allow you to never miss a Groupon deal even when your on the go!

We recommend Groupon for those non-essential purchases, treat it as a bit of fun and the opportunity to try a new restaurant or activity.

We would love to hear your Groupon comments and experiences especially if you have made any food related purchases.


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