Asda Rare Money Off Voucher Codes

28 August 2014Blog


Wow is what i thought when i heard that Asda were releasing money off voucher codes as it is practically unheard of in the world of money saving.

ClickCollectAsda generally keep all of their prices lower than all of the other supermarkets so that they dont feel the need to give out voucher codes and discounts. But i guess feeling the need to keep up with its competitors in August they released a £5 off a £40 spend when you choose to use their ever growing click & collect service.

This tells me they are really trying to push the service to become bigger than the home delivery service, i myself think click and collect is a great idea for busy mums and professionals who are always on the move as they don’t have time to do a supermarket shop or don’t have the flexibility to wait in for shopping being delivered.

Do your online shop as normal and instead of selecting a delivery time and date, you choose a collect date and time, then the supermarket picks and packs all of your shopping and when you are finished work or picked up the kids from school you just drive into the click & collect drive through at your local Asda store and they pack your car with your already bagged shopping.asdadrivethrough

The £5 OFF is available until the end of August so to take advantage of it click here now and order your shopping to be collected before the 1st September 2014.


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