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3 October 2010Blog


save money on your food bill

First of all a big welcome to This brand new site is dedicated to clever shoppers who want to save money on their food bill.

The UK is in a deep recession, this means we are all cutting back on what we spend every month and food is no exception. We now think twice before buying a juicy steak or some exotic fruit. However there are ways to keep eating the food you love while saving money.

Shoppers facing 10% rise in food bills

This recent newspaper article says it all. Not only are we spending less but food prices are also rising.

So its time to shop smart! Here at our aim is to help you save money when it comes to buying food.

We want to make a different to your food bill if when you buy from the following.

  • Restaurants – Eating out is great and it really does not need to break the bank, save money on leading restraints by using our restraint vouchers.
  • Supermarkets – We can help you cut your shopping bill in supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and Sainsburys.
  • Take Aways – We love our take aways but they can be expensive make sure you save with our take away vouchers.

As this site grows we will continue to add the latest food vouchers to it, please keep coming back and shopping smart.


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