Save 10% with the Asda Price Guarantee

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ASDA are so confident in their low prices that they have recently launched their price guarantee which gives shoppers the opportunity to compare the price of their shopping with the other big four supermarkets.

As ASDA put it “You can save 10% when you use the Asda Price Guarantee on your comparable grocery shopping versus Tesco, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.”

If ASDA are not 10% cheaper then the other big four supermarkets the they will give you the difference.

Here is how you take part in the price check:

  • Buy at least 8 different items
  • Keep your receipt
  • Visit the ASDA price guarentee website
  • See what your items would of cost at other supermarkets
  • If ASDA is 10% cheaper you will recieve a voucher with the difference to use online or in-store

This is a fun way to check your shopping, we recommend it just so you can easily compare what your favourite items cost in different supermarkets, are you super money saver?


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